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Benefit Intelligence has developed a processes, through BI CompWatch, that allows your business to take control of long-term costs. We'll show you how your current work comp program may be mismanaged, as well as how to implement the necessary steps to reduce your premiums.

Rather than just quote your workers' compensation insurance once per year, we have a process to manage your long term workers' comp costs and premiums.

Do you have your control processes in place? 

Benefit Intelligence monitors performance indicators and makes recommendation adjustment strategies as needed.


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To learn how our program can positively affect your workers' compensation insurance costs call:

  • Policy audits
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Training
  • Safety Programs 
    • Experience Modifier analytics and monitoring
    • Workers Compensation policies
    • Full Property & Casualty product offerings
    • Employee Benefits
    • Wellness
    • ​Telemedicine





OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE helped numerous companies to save workers comp premiums 

Our professional staff has former insurance company professionals who are ready to share their knowledge with you. We know that often, there are overcharges on Workers Compensation premiums which results in inaccurate experience modifiers. We know where to look for these errors. We know how to ensure claim reserves are set to the proper levels. We educate and prepare for the audit process so there are no unexpected surprises. We analyze the data being utilized in your Workers Compensation policy to ensure proper classification, payrolls and rules are being followed.  

We evaluate your Workers Compensation experience mod and deliver strategic cost-saving solutions to our clients.

We'll guide you — and reduce your insurance costs. There are many contributing factors to your workers' compensation costs. 

Understanding, controlling, and implementing a process to control these factors are the keys to reducing your costs.