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Manage Skyrocketing Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Employing human capital can be overwhelming to keep up with for companies of every size. Benefit Intelligence works with companies with just a few employees to organizations with thousands of employees.  We help manage employment and employee benefit costs, and help control risks that could threaten businesses. One area of particular concern for our clients is the skyrocketing cost of workers’ compensation premiums.

Our approach is that we don’t sell any products of any kind until we have taken the time to understand your company’s particular risks, your business model and your goals and objectives. Only then, are we able to understand what types of products and services are recommended for your specific business needs.

Your company's culture is where workers compensation management really begins. Cultivating the importance of safety on the job helps prevent workers compensation losses. We work with you to ensure a safe work environment is available for your employees. But when accidents do happen, Benefit Intelligence can help you manage your way through the financial issues that are a result after those claims occur.  

Ensuring An Accurate Experience Modification Factor

Workers’ compensation experience modification (mod) factors are calculated six months after the end of your policy year. We confirm the accuracy of the data the carrier uses to determine your mod rate and negotiate to ensure that the reserves are correctly set and are not higher than they should be.

One of the most common result, after claims are made, are overcharges. These occur within Workers' Compensation experience modifications.  
        These overcharges are overstated by 27% and happen nearly 70% of the time. 
Having an overcharged experience mod will result in:

  • higher insurance premiums
  • reduced profits
  • narrow insurance carrier selection

We work diligently to assist our clients to reduce premium cost. Through a very thorough claims and risk management approach, you enjoy increased profitability, improve business processes and more control over your workers’ compensation programs.

Our goal is to analyze the accuracy of your experience modifier. We look for errors and gaps in the reported data and the calculation of the experience modifier. We work with the bureau to get the corrected information reported, updated and reflected in your experience mod. 

Once we know that the data within the experience mod is accurate, we then complete and deliver a complete mod analysis to identify what losses are impacting the mod, the lowest point your mod could be and the amount of money you could be saving.  We specifically identify cost drivers and develop loss control solutions to address your organization's specific needs.